About Us

After 3 years of operation My Digital Wedding will be closing effective September 30th. Thanks for your support.

My Digital Wedding is an interactive and unique communication tool that allows you to create personalized on-line invitations, and announcements, while conveying all the wedding details to your guests from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 

The creation of My Digital Wedding was borne out of my experience in trying to find a unique and innovative way to communicate all the details of my engagement and wedding plans to my guests in an interactive manner, while saving time and enhancing convenience of the whole process.

Approximately two years ago, my fiancé popped the big question. At the time, I was a senior executive in an international IT company with an extremely hectic travel schedule, and days filled with presentations and meetings. Between the various social media applications, emails, texts and phone messages, my time was spent communicating to both clients and customers through a myriad of ways. The pace was grueling, and when coming home from work, I started my second job; planning my wedding.

As I began to think about how I wanted to tell all my friends and family about our exciting news, I knew I wanted to do it in a unique and classy way that told our special story using music, text and video; while being able to interact with our guests as we progressed through the planning process. I immediately turned to the internet to research what was out there and what I could use for my wedding. What I found was a plethora of services, and quite frankly, was overwhelmed. These services included companies that would do the following: some did invites on-line, others did save the date, I could design my own invites on- line and have them printed somewhere and sent to me. I could build my own website, download an app that would tell me who was coming , download another app with the wedding details, use a service that could upload pictures, use social media to communicate my wedding. It went on and on……. I reviewed all of them; compared them, and tried them. At the end of the day, what I wanted, they did not offer. I wanted it ALL;  ALL in one go to place, that was professional, classy, and unique to me. Where I could access everything about my wedding at all times on one screen: (when travelling, in meetings, at airports), with my wedding theme and my colours, and able to interact with my guests and friends on-line and in real-time. What I wanted did not exist. So……… I built it!

I launched My Digital Wedding to create a centralized location for all your wedding communication needs, that would allow you to send save the dates, invitations and thank-you’s, while also containing registry data, RSVPs, an area where all guests could have the ability to leave messages and converse with one another via “The Wedding WallTM“ while also being able to upload pictures during the wedding, along with the capability to stream the special day should certain guests not be able to attend. The goal would be to ensure consistency for everything related to the wedding, while ensuring the flexibility to personalize the communication to guests based on a specific theme, color, and style, as dictated by the user.

I hope you like it. We are always looking forward to hearing your feedback. Congratulations on your exciting news, and we’re looking forward to being a part of your wedding experience.






Fenway- Chief Affection Officer